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In anticipation of Coldplay`s upcoming Music of the Spheres World Tour, we thought it would be fun to think about what the setlist might look like before the big first show in Costa Rica on March 18

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We had so much fun thinking about what the shows might look like, we wanted to make something that all fans could enjoy. So here we are… Presenting to you... the ColdplayXtra Setlist Maker!

About the tool ℹ️

The ColdplayXtra Setlist Maker makes it easy for you to make your dream Coldplay setlist!

1. Get started by adding your name, or your @name, whatever you prefer! This will show up on your completed setlist.

2. Select either a template to work with, or a blank canvas to start from scratch

preview of the tool

3. Select songs from the band’s discography and reorder them with ease. Customize songs with special effects, such as pyro, lasers and of course, confetti. Lots of confetti…

4. You can add sections that note where the song will be played, such as the Main-stage, B-Stage and C-Stages of the venue

preview of the tool

5. When happy with the order and contents of your setlist, you can render an image that looks quite similar to the setlists seen on-stage

6. Share your setlist with friends on Social Media using #MOTSsetlist and tagging @coldplayxtra.

If you correctly predict the setlist and share before March 14th, you could win yourself a bundle of Coldplay goodies 🎉

About your setlist 📱️

The ColdplayXtra team would like to thank Dutch duo Wouter de Bruijn and @stingalleman for their help and assistance in bringing the tool to life. We have a few updates planned that are on the way. We’ll keep you posted with any updates on our socials!